South Bay Cable Corporation

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Golden Anniversary in Sea Technology
South Bay Cable Draws from the Past and Looks to the Future

Tow Cables

South Bay Cable designs and manufactures tow cable systems for both above ground and underwater uses. Applications include; Airborne Aerostats, Mine Sweeping, Side Scan Sonar, Pipeline Inspection and Geophysical Exploration. South Bay Cable is also a leading supplier of tow cables to the U.S. Navy. Cables include electrical, fiber optic, steel and synthetic strength member constructions. Your cable will be designed to meet your most exacting requirements.

Shown below are examples of tow cables manufactured by our company. Click on the cross-sections or part-numbers to view details. To request a quotation on your cable requirement just click the Request a Quote button.

SB 40687
SB 406872-9 AWG Power Conductors
7-20 AWG Conductors
2-19 AWG Shielded Pairs
4-20 AWG Twisted Quads
8-26 AWG Twisted Pairs
PU Inner Jacket
Galvanized Armor
Kevlar Reinforced PU Jacket
Weight Air = 3,115 Lbs/1,000'
Weight Water = 1,900 Lbs/1,000'
Breaking Strength = 105,000 Lbs
Nominal O.D. = 1.86"

SB 40774
SB 40774Jacketed F/O Tube:
8 Multi-Mode F/O's in a Stainless Steel Tube
PE Jacket
6-11 AWG Power Conductors
6-20 AWG Drain Wires
PE Inner Jacket
Galvanized Armor
PE Jacket
Weight Air = 1,350 Lbs/1,000'
Weight Water = 995 Lbs/1,000'
Breaking Strength = 65,000 Lbs
Nominal O.D. = 1.06"

SB 41323
SB 413233-22 AWG Shielded Conductors
3-22 AWG Single Conductors
PU Jacket
Galvanized Armor
Weight Air = 435 Lbs/1,000'
Weight Water = 345 Lbs/1,000'
Breaking Strength = 20,000 Lbs
Nominal O.D. = 0.550"

SB 41343
SB 413434-18 AWG Shielded Conductors
4-22 AWG Single Conductors
Kevlar Strength Member
PU Jacket
Weight Air = 170 Lbs/1,000'
Weight Water = 63 Lbs/1,000'
Breaking Strength = 4,500 Lbs
Nominal O.D. = 0.55"