South Bay Cable Corporation


Fairing CablesSeveral years ago a customer purchased a cable to listen to very low level electrical signals. The cable was installed in a high current underwater channel. However when the customer tried to use the cable the noise caused by the water strumming over the cable was louder than the noise they were trying to listen to.

The program was scrapped but the cable was left in place. Several months later they went back to use the cable for a different application and found that the noise was gone. What changed? When they pulled the cable back up they found long strands of moss attached and growing from the cable. This moss dampened the strumming and the concept for faired cables was born.

In addition to reducing noise from cable vibration, fairings (or what we like to call man made moss) are very effective in reducing drag in tow cables. Depending on the cable construction there are several different types of fairing offered by South Bay Cable The most common type of fairing is the Braided Haired Fairing, other types of ribbon fairings can also be installed.

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