Inside the Temecula plant.

South Bay Cable operates two modern manufacturing facilities. Company headquarters are located in Idyllwild, California, with the second plant in Temecula, California. These two facilities have been set up to compliment each other’s production capabilities.

From start to finish South Bay Cable possesses a wide range of manufacturing equipment necessary to perform the many unique operations required to produce specialty cable.

The production process begins with the fabrication of the copper conductor. South Bay Cable draws and strands nearly all of the copper in the cables we build. This capability allows us to produce an almost endless variety of both standard and special strand configurations.

Our Extrusion Department has multiple lines for the application of various types of thermoplastic insulating and jacketing materials. Small and intermediate extruders can insulate conductors as small as 30 gauge while our large extruders are capable of extruding cables up to four inches in diameter.

Both facilities have numerous small and large planetary cabling lines suitable for anything from a single twisted pair to complex cables with hundreds of electrical and optical elements.

South Bay Cable has designed and constructed purpose built equipment for the application of both metallic and synthetic strength members. The strength members are designed to work with the other elements in the cable to provide the highest working loads while providing the smallest diameters and lightest weight.

Other specialty cable equipment includes taping lines, striping machines, fairing lines, braiding machines and a host of other equipment required for the manufacture of specialized cable products.